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John Deere 70 8hp coversion

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Traded some of my time for this little beauty... had a 8hp engine sitting around so i did a little swapping.

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That looks great ... they are fun tractors.
Nice job.

So you ended using the stock isolation plate?

The engine seemed like it was going to be way too far back for me and would interfer with the brake and clutch linkages so I did away with the isolation and welded in a 1/4" plate and bolted the engine to it. Vibration is fine.

I still had to rework the clutch and brake stuff to work with the bigger 8hp engine.

Is it running and driving?
Yes i did use stock plate, i fitted It back as fat as possible i had no issues runs drives great!! Its awesome to drive
Could you post a picture of how you hooked up the throttle cable. The Briggs I have the hookup is from the top or bottom, bottom the lever would be wrong and the frame is in the way, from the top the cable is really stiff and binds from the tight bends. Been trying to come up with another solution for a while now.
Yeah i will have to later. But mine came from the top.
Thanks. I got a different cable on mine and it seems to be smoother. Original cable was bent too tight by the lever to make the a bend to come in from the top for the Briggs.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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