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John deere 70 lug tires

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I'm looking to put new tires on the rear of my 70 old ones are pretty bad.........has any one found a good deal on stock size lug tires
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Don't know about "good deal", but this is what I used on my 70 I:


I wanted the "industrial" look & couldn't find 8" R4's.

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Were you able to use the stock rims
"Were you able to use the stock rims"

Tucker these are 20x10-8s designed to fit on the stock 7 inch rims. Paid $160 for them at a tractor show. I little bit more than online but cheaper by the time you pay shipping. The other plus is I got to touch and see them before putting my money down. Roger

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I just answered my own question......looks like a good tire for my 70 as well
I wish I would of waited when I replaced the fronts I like those ribs
I had originally thought the 20x10s would be the way to go, but they have more sidewall then I like.

If I go that route I will go with the 18x9.5's. Have yet to find them "cheap".

With the tri ribs up front the 18's appear to keep the tractor nice and level.


18's (and one beautiful tractor)

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I hope mine looks as nice as that some day
Do you guys thing that 16x6.5 would b to small on the rear
Ok one more question I promise at my local farm store I found a pair of 18x9.50 and my originals are 18x8.50 will that wider tire fit or do I have to modify the rim
The tires will fit as even the 10 inch wide tires I used specified use a 7 inch wide rim. Roger
Thank you for all the info
Mike I like your front ribbed tires but I'm have trouble finding them for my 70 project. Where did you get them and what size they?
I bought mine from Tucker Tire www.tuckertire.com. Call them because they don't always have them on their site. They sell them buy the pair with tubes and reasonable shipping. Miller Tire one of our sponsors also sell them if you want to price shop. This is a picture of them. Roger

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For my 70(still in pieces), I just bought a set of these:

(I have no affiliation with this ebay vendor other than having just bought tires from them.)

Fronts are another story... still looking/pondering. I'm thinking hard about the tri-ribs you all have posted pictures of.

Thank you for the inspiration.
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For future reference, you can not link to active ebay or CL ads on WFM per the rules. When it's to a vendor who sells large quantities, you can usually skate by, but it would still be against the rules. I can't vouch for the other moderators, but I usually let the vendor ones slip by.
Can you post a front on view of the tread. Trying to see it its more arc or tractor like.

Good price!
I'm trying to figure out what JD model to use to build a pulling tractor for my grandson. I keep coming back to a 70. I think it would make a really cool and good looking puller.
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