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Hopefully I’m on the right forum to ask about a zero turn. Anyways, I bought a nice 2007 John Deere 717a with no engine, transmission drive pulley or deck drive clutch.
I work
on mowers a lot so I have many parts and engines to choose from so I decided to put a good running Kohler Command SP23 engine on this mower. What I’m wanting to find out is what the outside diameter of the transmission drive pulley is and the outside diameter of the mower deck drive clutch is as well. The pulley/engine shaft size doesn’t matter. I have a good number of clutches and pulleys at my disposal and can make use of what I have if only I can find the correct sizes. Could probably guess at it but don’t want to underpower or overspeed the deck or transmission. Haven’t been able to find a machine locally to look at either which leads me to here. Any help would be appreciated on this.
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