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K181 compression release

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Anybody know where I could pick up a set of brake shoes for a 320? JD Parts wants almost $100 for two shoes the size of a donut. Part number for shoes and spring are AM 878120. Found out tonight why I have no brakes....Thanks.
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Do a Google search for the AM****** number and you will quickly find out if there are any other sources or prices. Roger
Thanks Roger. I appreciate it. Darren
I may have a good used set. PM me if interested.
Already bit the bullet Ken. I appreciate it though.
so the 110 wont start. I don't think I have spark so while checking that I also noticed I don't think the piston is moving?? im no expert by far but I know it has compression release but should still see piston moving during cranking? by the way these problems occurred after power washing and trying to be careful about where water got into and 110 did run back to barn? thanks for any help.
The piston should move while cranking. Sounding catastrophic Matt,let us know please

I don't know how you checked for piston movement. I know I cant stick something in the spark plug hole and hope to feel the piston moving on my 210. Try this, take the air cleaner off. Seal the throat of the carb with the palm of your hand. Open the throttle wide open, then have an assistant crank the engine. If you feel the suction on your palm then the piston is moving. I'm guessing something electrical got wet when you were power washing and that's why you lost spark.

On k241's I have seen compression readings of 60 lbs with the acr working. You should have some compression. I'm with hector on this, remove the battery and let it dry for a day or two.
Just take out the spark plug and turn it over if air blows out and gets sucked in the hole your good if no air not so good. Brocken rod.
been messing with it this morning..checked coil wire, points, then pulled flywheel screen and noticed flywheel was terribly loose. pulled flywheel and key had been sheared and dislodged basically. so I put in new key and tightened back down nut that had lock washer and flat washer. I also made sure to clean and shine the magnetic field what ever that is called magneto? hey im trying! and through all this that got me back start and it ran that's the good news. bad news is It had terrible knock, so dad and I took it back apart and realized the flywheel key way is wore and there is a split in flywheel. the new key had already been mangled. now the keyway in shaft is also not perfect but dad feels if we find new/used k181 flywheel and redo key that it will be ok? thanks guys. I think im looking for flywheel. Matt
I think I have one Matt I will look do you have a starter or the generator/starter?
Mitchell it would be awesome if you did. ours I believe is with the starter the starter engages into the flywheel. thanks. it is 1974 110.
The thing under the flywheel is a stator/alternator.
Broken flywheels usually result from the key placed to far in toward the bearing plate. The key starts to ride up in the key way slot. At that point the flywheel doesn't seat and when the bolt is tightened the flywheel gets cracked and rattles loose, wrecks the flywheel and crankshaft. Make sure the key is not in far enough to cover any part of the ramp at the end of the key way slot in the crankshaft.
thanks Ed will do. I will keep an eye on that if Mitchell or someone else has one. the flywheel is definitely cracked and was terribly loose and made a lot of racket. weird thing is my dad and I had just purchased the 110 and attachments like a day before and had heard no noise at that point. oh well hopefully it can be saved, hoping the crank keyway is ok. thanks again for the help.
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