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K181 help

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Hey guys, I could use a little wisdom on my project. I started breaking down my 1964 k181 and found some good and bad. The good is the cylinder walls are smooth and unscored. The bad is the exhaust valve is stuck open and the intake valve appears to have significant rust pitting but the exhaust valve and piston look great. Any recommendations for freeing up thee exhaust valve and should I replace the intake valve or both valves? Has anyone else seen an intake valve rust but the other components in the chamber be fine? Thanks for any suggestions.
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Intake valves will rust due to moisture in the carb. Replace both valves and you may have to replace the valve guides if that is causing the stuck valve. Lap the valves in really good. Adjust them per service manual specifications
I just had this with my Tecumseh HH100 on a RF 112. The PO left the spark plug out and left it out in the yard, with no hood, just a blue plastic trap that had seen better days. Anyway the intake valve was stuck in open position and exhaust worked fine. I pulled the head and breather assembly and kept soaking with PB Blaster and after several hours started tapping with a rubber mallet. It eventually freed up. I have not any father on that engine to know if I will need work done on the guides.
Ok, thanks for the help guys. That's what I was thinking but I haven't worked on k181 before. I usually go with the 'better safe than sorry' route, especially after spending so much time on a resto.
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