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K181 issues

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Hey guys, I need some input on this. I have been working on my K181 and notice a couple of things odd about it. My biggest concern is the image posted below. Is this a cast iron patch on the block and if so what is the verdict? New block or is it safe. If it is a patch I am both amazed at the size and disappointed at the possible need for a new block.

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No pressure there at all just knocked out when it threw a rod if the bore is good slap it together and run with it.
The other odd thing is the three bolts near the oil pan. I have not seen any reference to these on service manuals and obviously one of the screws is not original. The holes are tapped and appear factory. Any thoughts?

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That is another patch held on by the 2 fuel pump bolts and the other 3 mavericks.
They must have blew that thing sky high when that rod went.
Ok guys thanks. After all of the work I am putting into this thing I am leaning towards getting another block. It looks like Kohler blocks are out of this world price wise. Anyone know who has a good used block, short block, or engine that is a 1964 model. I have tried real hard to keep it authentic.
J&D lawn tractor at the top of the page has several
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