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K181s main bearings

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My LT 133 runs great when cool but when it gets warm if I set the parking break and release, the engine dies. It will start back up and run fine if I have the break set but will die again as soon as I release the break. It also spits and coughs in reverse when warm. I tried a new parking break switch and temporarily bypassed the seat switch. Problem continued. Any ideas?
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I am starting to rebuild my 110's motor,I went to the bearing shop yesterday with the original main bearings in hand.The best that he could come up with was a set of sealed bearings of the same dimensions.
Will the sealed bearing work,or do they need to be oil bathed bearings?

They need to be open on both sides to let the oil lubricate and cool the bearings.

These are very common bearings. If they cannot supply, then they are not trying.

Go to Ebay and you can buy different name brands. They MUST be like the originals, open. Not shielded in any way.

Go to NAPA, John Deere if you want to pay twice/three times what they should cost. Any engine rebuilder with have them etc,etc
Couldn't you just pull the seals out?
probably....(?)good question. One would have to degrease the bearing.

You can phone my supplier at 419 337 1548 45.00 per set. Fits K241 K301 K321 etc.etc.
I would think that leaving the grease in the bearing would help keep it lubricated on initial start up, the hot engine oil should be more then enough to degrease and flush out the bearing once running.
Thanks guys!
Talked to my guy,and he suggested the same thing "pull the seals out" thanks Joe,and I also believe that the grease will be left in,as it will be changed quickly after rebuild.
Scott,I guess I did better then your supplier,they were only $40CDN for the pair
I threw in a ten dollar tip though...LOL
Grant is there some reason you are replacing the bearings. I have had a lot of Kohlers apart since the 1970s. I don't think I have ever replaced a bearing primarily because they are a smooth running bearing that lives totally bathed in oil. There isn't much to wear them out. If it makes you feel better do it. Roger
That's it Roger,peace of mind

Although mine seem to be a bit gritty even after a kerosene bath.

I just want everything to be perfect when I'm done,is all
in the service manual It states to press in the bearings shielded side up or in. bearings must not be exposed to engine crankcase oil???? I also am in the process of rebuilding two K181 Kohler engines and both had shielding on one side of the bearings facing the crank , so this post is interesting. could the manual be wrong or???
I haven't read "reassembly" yet,and I can't remember which way they faced when I took it apart. But it doesn't make sense to expose the shielded side the crankcase oil.Guess I have some reading to do
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