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K321 governor gear

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alot of people say to replace the governor gear when rebuilding, why? the replacement ones appear to be plastic? do they come with the weights, or do I just punch the roll pins out? mine is steal and looks in good shape. Any advice?
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Someone else might chime in here regarding at steel/iron governor gear. Generally these motors last a very long time and when its time to rebuild its a good idea to replace these gears. I have had to rebuild a k341 because a governor gear failing and over reving the motor. It can happen really fast when you loose the gear and/or associated parts and all of a sudden the motor will runaway and break a connecting rod. In order to replace the gear the motor has to be disassembled as its the first part to be installed. As long as its in pieces my opinion is to always go with a NEW one.
I'd replace it- A guy just paid me good money to go back into a motor that he rebuilt and replace the one thing that he did not- the governor gear. He couldn't stand the thought of opening up the motor again for a $15 part that didn't get replaced the first time. The governor gear only lasted a couple of hours in the newly rebuilt motor before disintegrating- it was extremely brittle and never should have been reinstalled.

Like David said, it is the first thing to go back into the motor when you rebuild it- meaning the entire motor has to come apart again if it needs to be fixed.

The replacement gear is complete and ready to install with flyweights and thrust washer. Compared to the rest of the parts going into a freshly rebuilt motor, it seems silly to not spend the extra money on the governor gear and know it was done right...


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Steve ,i would go with a steel gear ,Brain Miller sales them . David
The line on my 425 that runs from the steering control valve to the selective valve is cracked at what looks like some sort of ferrule at the steering valve. Is there an adapter available to replace this with a hose instead of buying the line kit (AM131004)?
This is the proper forum, the Late Model Forum. The Vintage section and Restoration & Repair section is for older, pre-1992 tractors and specific tractors at that. The 4X5 series is too new.
I posted in the 'old' tractor section? If so, apologies. Didn't realize it.
I have never seen any adapters or hoses that could be used. I DO HAVE A COUPLE OF THE TUBES SPARE if you are interested.

George of Buford
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