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Kohler 341

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Pulled the Kohler for my 316 as it was running rough. Honed, ringed, valve grind and new bearing in the balancing gears. Timed per shop manual, now it runs rougher than ever,hops like crazy (new mounts), backfires like a truck when shut down. I suspect the balancing gears.
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Gary ,sounds like you have the balance gears out of time ?there is a tool for this ,and it sounds like you might be a little lean .on the carb setting .i got rid of my balance gears and balance the crank ,by its self ..David
Gary ,all send you a picture of what i did to fix this problem .David
ROY i sent Gary i picture of the balance weight i made to smooth out the engine ,my k-341 didn,t come with balance gears ,how ever places the ,1/2 the out of balance to the side ,and not up and down ,and i did remove the pins .and and gears ,and replaces the pins with plugs,i didn,t want to use a chisel ,and take a chance on braking the case .there is more to this than ,making a plate ,you need to weight the rotating parts and cut that amount in haft ,and that will be your weight size ,i will sent you a picture .David
Steve ,i believe kohler though they were the thing at the time ,and would help in the balance of the engine ,didn,t work out that way ,and they are a problem ,and make lots of noise .some of the later k-341 didn,t come with them .i still balance my crank ,and some don,t .your call . David
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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