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Kohler K181s which piston

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I have a 1997 John Deere 325 Lawn and Garden tractor. I am interested in getting a tiller for it. I have found a John Deere 30" mechanical tiller listed locally on Craigslist. The serial number on this tiller is M0SCTLX015690. Will this tiller work with my 325? If, not what serial number/model tiller do I need to find to work with my 325?

Thanks, John
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Terry that is a nice list but it doesn't cover the 325 tractor. Roger
Using JD Parts, Catalog 2797, here are the listed tillers for the 325


And Catalog 2797 will show you that the M0SCTLX is for Scotts tractors S2554 and for Sabre tractors YT/GT
Thanks Terry. The info you gave was most helpful. I have found someone who said they mounted a M0SCTLX tiller to a John Deere 320 (the tiller in the catalog your gave shows the 320 using the same tiller as the 325). However, that person has not been willing or is unable to tell me what parts were needed to get it to mount onto their 320.
I was reading on here some time ago about someone wanting to know which model piston they had in their Kohler,I believe it was Army(but I have been wrong once before).I called Kohler today for my rebuild parts of a k181 and he asked;does it have a rectangular hole around the wrist pin hole? I said No.He then told me I have the regular piston not the Mahle piston which is the "new style".I have the old style.
I hope this clears up anyone wanting to know which style piston they have.

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