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Kohler K241 Muffler

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Does anyone have the part number for the muffler that goes with the Kohler K241 Engine. The engine is in a 1970 112H.
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I went to purchase a 1170 46" deck and a 108 w/ electrical issues followed me home. Cost me another $50.

Do I part the 108 out, use as is with the 30" deck, change the deck to a 38" (I have 3 extra), or restore it and join the ranks with my 57, 110, 111, 111H, 116H & 318?
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I had a 108 with the 30 inch deck some time ago -- mine was a later model with the rear gas tank, not the under hood version.

I don't think the power of the little engine in a 108 is a good match for a larger deck -- my preference would be to keep the tractor in its stock configuration. Here is a picture of the one I had taken on the day I bought it on a Deere hunt that also bagged an AMT626... The 108 is a pretty solid little riding mower!

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I agree with Chuck - the little 8 hp may not be a good match with a 38 inch deck. I would hate to see it parted out, so my vote, if I were to have one, would be to keep it or sell it to someone who doesn't need a larger deck. They're great trim mowers.
I did a total rewire and the little guy pop'd right off. COOL.

Decided to check the condition of the blade.

Didn't realize it came with the new JD Grass Wacker blade. The cutting edge still had the factory grinding marks but the lift wings were a little chewed up!

After flipping the blade it is a good little cutting machine, and no, I don't think it would run a 38" deck.

Anybody have an idea how to plug this hole in the pedestal?

Too small and not deep enough for a CD player. I got no idea what the PO had in his mind.
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