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Hello everyone!

I am an infrequent poster so sorry for my lack of consistent participation.

Question: I have been looking all over the internet for the actual outer dimensions of the original K532 that I have removed from this tractor. My next step is to measure myself but I was hoping someone had already been down this road before.

I am at a crossroads of my John Deere 400 restoration/repower. I have just recently completed the repaint to factory specs (not showroom as I plan to work this tractor) and have for the most part reassembled the tractor but... I have to repower the unit. I am a diesel nut at heart and have the opportunity to acquire a D1005 24hp Kubota engine with low hours. I've see quite a few resto/mods and am leaning pretty heavily towards investing what I anticipate being a considerable amount of time and money making this tractor pretty unique. Any help would be appreciated. Incidentally I also have an intact K532 that I will be posting on the classified sections. Motor ran at shutdown but has not run for a couple of years. The reason I shut the tractor down was because I had thought the Hydro was going out. Turns out the hydro cooler fell onto the drive shaft and was just leaking slowly until things progressively worsened.


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