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Late 60, early 70 difference?

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I thought I posted this once but don't find it. Anyway, what's the difference between the late 60's and the early 70's? The two-speed belt drive to the transmission had been dropped by the time of the late 60's and the early 70's had just one pedal, as did the 60's. So, other than maybe the seat and the one more advertised engine hp of the 70, what's the difference between a late 60 and an early 70??
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Some other differences starting with the 70 are rubber isolator engine mounts, different frame, steering gear box has the full length tube (like 110), splined steering wheel, (2 different styles), different pedestal, no recoil starter, rope only. The newest 60 we have is a '68, and until recently I never realized that not all 60's did not come with the two speed belt change.

There may be other things, too. And I could be wrong about some of the above things. JD was not bashful about using up old parts for a new model year.

P.S. your original post got stuck above the "New Guy, New Tractor" thread. I have no idea how that happens sometimes!

Thanks, Tom. That's a good run down and all you list make sense, but I'd kind of overlooked or forgotten them. I have an early 60 and a late 70. It would be nice now to have a late 60 and early 70, but then I guess there isn't room enough in the shed for every variation
Leon if you spend time on JD parts you can find most of the differences and the serial numbers or year when they happened. When part numbers changed there was a difference. The 70 wasn't just an engine swap. You will find a large number of 60s with 7 HP short blocks in them as JD stopped using the 6 HP short block pretty early in the life of these tractors. It was one less part JD had to stock in their warehouse. Roger
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