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Let’s compare gators! Who’s got what model? Likes dislikes, buying advice

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Hey guys, lots of you know about my recent accident. I’ve been looking real hard at golf carts. I absolutely decided I want gas. Looking at carts the prices on used are 4 k plus for a decent one. Going new is somewhere over 10k$. I’ve always wanted a gator and some say there an overpriced golf cart! Well that’s exactly what I want. I’ve looked at hundreds of used ones and let me tell you how absolutely used they are!! Terrible! So at 13k for an entry level doesn’t seems so bad for something that will last 20 years (the rest of my life). I want to stay small, 4’ wide so I can park it in my trailer next to my bike and bring it camping. So who’s got what and what’s the likes and dislikes! Thanks!
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After one of my neighbor guys bought a used golf cart, I mean really used, I decided a golf cart wasn't going to suit me. His golf cart won't go 65mph straight off the showroom floor, His golf cart doesn't have 4x4, and his golf cart can't haul 1000lbs in the bed,,, but I will admit, I paid 10xs more for mine than he did for his golf cart..lol
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That's a nice side by side Jerry! Definitely more capable than my old EZGO Gator wannabe. I only have about $1,500 (hah!) in it though. Does everything I want it to. Old Shiny gets all the heavy hard work now. What would a new Honda like your's be listed at before the negotiations commenced?
Thanks Army,
Honda Pioneer 1000 Limited
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The way you see mine (without Trailer, Jack, Toolbox, & Spare tire) cost $23,500 USD out the door after install of Winch, Windshield, Hardtop Roof, & Rear Window Canvas.
Ya. It's pricey but a real quality machine.
If I had it to do over and knew what I know now, I would have bought a used one from guys who have buyers remorse. Too many people buy these and put $5000 worth of upgrades on them and then decide they need the money they spent, so they sell them cheaper than the machine price with only 50 miles on it... it's crazy..
I have over 2500 miles on mine. My county sheriff allows them to be road legal. I've driven mine up to 35 miles away to town and back a couple times.
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