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Let's See your RF 110s & 112s

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Keep searching Terry, and you might find a photo someone took of the PO waving bye-bye with a tear in his eye. lol

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He met met me in Warrenton as him and hid dad were headed to the Portland, Indiana show. They headed there with a Chevy full size truck with 6 foot bed and $2000. On the return trip from Portland, they had the bed loaded to the gills and pulling a 6 x 10 or 12 U-haul trailer also loaded. I think they were broke when they got home.
Bet the tears were dried by then, too.

Since wfm changed over, I haven't been able to see any other pages or pictures on this thread. Since I'm redoing my '65 110, it helped to look at pics as I put it back together. Am I doing something wrong to not be able to see these pics.

Mike cieliesz

What do you need I have all of mine when I restored my 1965 110 I can send or post. Look at the topic above this one I brought my old post up. You just have to look through the past topics and bring it up . Hope that makes some séance.

Nice pix, Mitchell. Thanks for bringing them up. Hope mine looks that good when I get done!

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