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Lift assist spring

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I recently purchased a '94 JD 425 with an intermittent smoking problem. The compression tested 170 lbs on both cylinders. I'm in the process of checking out the breather. This requires removing the engine & then removing the flywheel in order to remove the bolts for the breather cover. While I'm waiting for stores to open tomorrow to go buy a 24 mm socket, I thought I'd ask some advice for how to hold the flywheel from turning while removing the nut from the crankshaft. Thanks, Gary
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24mm is almost exactly 15/16". An impact wrench is the first choice for removing a flywheel nut, second would be to put the box end of a wrench on the nut and give the other end of the wrench a few sharp raps with a hammer. It should come loose. For tightening the nut later you do need a way to hold the flywheel. I'm not familiar with a 425 engine to give you any specific advice on that.
Thanks for the tip, Cliff. I was able to wrap a hold down strap around the flywheel, bracing the ratchet against the frame-took a few attempts to get everything to fit just right, but held it securely. Then after figuring out it really wasn't a left hand thread as I had been told, it came loose pretty easily. Live and learn...
I just got a tiller and integral hitch. I was looking around to try to find a lift assist spring and have had no luck so far. Has anyone bought one new recently or know where I can find one used?

call this guy. I just bought one from him , he has one more. (200 series)


712 348 0877
Been using my integral 31 tiller w/o the assist and have been looking and found one on ebay that sold for $160+ and then another 15.00 for shipping.


There is a fellow WFM member who is advertising one in classified for 100 that is missing parts, so..........there you go.

I bought one this week from a lawn tractor salvage yard in a town 40 miles from here for $60.00

'Bought fell out of my chair when she said they get 60.00 for them. I guess that is NOT the place selling them on ebay(?) LOL
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