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Craig and Allen,

Here is a thread with many helpful tips and links to other resources.
Just be careful to not overload your electrical system. As I recall, the 317 has a 15 amp stator so the 'sustainable' total system current draw is about 15 amps if everything is working as it should. You can of course draw more than that for a while by further discharging the battery... The PTO clutch takes as much as 5 amps to operate and the rest of the tractor takes a couple as well. That leaves only 7 or 8 amps for the lights (about 84 to 96 watts total) so really bright lights will be hard to run continuously.

Also be sure to have reflectors in good condition and a clean lense over the factory lamps as a start, then decide if you want to go with the modifications described in the threads...

Good luck!


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Here's what I did to cure poor lighting.
The light units are available from NAPA.
The combined current draw is 7 amps.
I put a broad beam fog bulb in one side and a utility bulb in the other. This spreads the light pattern from directly in front of the tractor out to about 200 feet.
With this type of bracket, it allows the light to be bent back if you run into a branch etc. and not be broken off.
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