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Looking at 112 to replace 214

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Has anyone hear ever repowered a 116h? Picked this thing up cheap and it runs but with no power and has several issues I do not believe to be worth my time such as: carb fuel pump rebuild, not charging, electric clutch comes on and off and there ir power feeding back to switch on wrong side!!(testing with testlight actually shuts engine down!!). Overall shes in great shape but its been neglected and Im not a fan of the opposed twins. Also if anyone knows the crank diameter and length before I rip it off would be great. Any insight would be great! Thanks, Steve
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I would imagine an engine from a 111, 112L, 160, 165, 170, 175, 180 and 185 will work - they all should have the same crank size.
Getting the carb & fuel delivery on those engines correct is a bear. Mine wasn't charging - the wire with the diode kept coming loose. Crimped the connection & taped it. The clutch can be adjusted, to 0.013, if that helps. I ended up buying a new one. You'll have to get on JD parts.com - the wiring /electrical system differs depending upon the tractor's serial no. SEW at one time offered a 20 hp shortblock for a JD 116 = $700.00. Rebuild parts for the B&S 402700s = $250. on up. Wish I could be more help. Bo
Thanks guys for your help. Gonna put a new carb fuel pump kit on and change over to magnetron and go from there. Thanks again...Steve
Hi all,
My 214 that I bought a couple months ago is having engine problems. It has a hard time running at higher throttle and since it has been doing this it has started smoking. I replaced the coil, condenser, and point with no improvement. I am tired of it not running right as I need to mow once more this year, till the garden before winter, and get ready with the snowblower for the expected severe winter we are to have. I have found a nice 112 on craigslist that can be found here.
https://madison.craigslist.org/grd/4644627481.html The man said because no one has called he is having the carb rebuilt so I won't have to worry about that. I have a helper spring for a 110/112 that came with my tiller so I really shouldn't need anything. I am interested in anyone's input on this decision. Thanks in advance.
The 112s are great for tilling,and a decent snowblower in dry snow. It can be underpowered in wet snow,
I have been in your very same situation. The one you buy will always be worse shape than the one you have.

I Purchased a 212 last summer from a WFM member who insisted it was good shape, needed nothing w/rebuilt engine..................None of that was true. Couldn't even use it/start it when I got it home. It was running when I arrived to pick it up. First clue, right there.

I have just over two acres and it requires a min of two tractors. One is generally broken in some way. Trust me when I tell you....one isn't enough.
I thought I have read on here about Kohlers smoking on start-up. If I remember correctly it was relatively common and is not an issue as long as it clears up within a minute and doesn't smoke when warm. Am I right or am I dreaming? Reason I ask is the 112 I am going to look at supposedly smokes a little on start-up and want to make sure that is nothing I need to worry about too much.
Yes that is normal for them to smoke a bit when starting with the choke. Remember a 112 is basically the same tractor as your 200 and can have all the problems your 200 is having. Roger
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