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Major problem with 318

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Well I want to say this is my first post on any tractor forum. I bought my tractor with 600 hours from a coworker. The only thing wrong with it was the paint was starting to chip since it was left outside in the cold Maine winters. I have done a dramatic restoration, paint job,degreased frame, new tires, controls, etc.

Right now I'm having a hard time trying to diagnose what the problem is now. This winter I was very low on hydro fluid, I read somewhere that I could add trans fluid dexron 3 to he hydro fluid. I added it and it seemed to be fine and then I noticed the reverse speed was slower. Not sure if this was related to he difference in fluid.

Second issue is that when I move the throttle forward or reverse there is a jerking motion that is quite severe. I checked the linkage and I didn't seem to notice anything out of the norm. But I'm not quite sure what to look at.

Third issue is that when the tractor is off I can just roll it around. Is this a normal thing. for some reason I thought it should not move at all. What could cause this to happen.

Thank you for all the help. I'm trying to keep this tractor in tip top shape
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Bill, I would really like to have a copy of that PDF also if you don't mind. I have a couple of 332's that I'd like to convert and was thinking of reverse engineering the one on our 318.
[email protected]

Thanks, Dan
Chuck, Thanks so much for collecting these links and sending me the eMail. My son-in law and I are tinkering on a few of these models with the rev-3 and I think it would be good to put together a set of drawings to fabricate the NLA parts. Then we would have it in the archive here on WFM. I have access to a 318 with the kit installed but I hate to take it apart. Any chance anyone else has some parts?
A & F are available but B, C, D & G would be great to get dimensions documented.
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