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Major problem with 318

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Well I want to say this is my first post on any tractor forum. I bought my tractor with 600 hours from a coworker. The only thing wrong with it was the paint was starting to chip since it was left outside in the cold Maine winters. I have done a dramatic restoration, paint job,degreased frame, new tires, controls, etc.

Right now I'm having a hard time trying to diagnose what the problem is now. This winter I was very low on hydro fluid, I read somewhere that I could add trans fluid dexron 3 to he hydro fluid. I added it and it seemed to be fine and then I noticed the reverse speed was slower. Not sure if this was related to he difference in fluid.

Second issue is that when I move the throttle forward or reverse there is a jerking motion that is quite severe. I checked the linkage and I didn't seem to notice anything out of the norm. But I'm not quite sure what to look at.

Third issue is that when the tractor is off I can just roll it around. Is this a normal thing. for some reason I thought it should not move at all. What could cause this to happen.

Thank you for all the help. I'm trying to keep this tractor in tip top shape
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One other thing. I believe the reason Deere has so many hydro linkage versions is because they changed the swash plate in one of the production years to increase system hydraulic pressure. If I remember correctly the pressure was increased to better support tractor attachments. When they did this it made the hydro lever pretty sensitive. This in turn caused them to develop new hydro lever damping solutions to improve the jerking when moving the lever.
...and one more thing. I bought a 1992 318 this winter and it has the Gen 4 hydro assembly. It doesn't have item B and C and from what I can tell never had it. Not sure I'll add them at this point. I did replace the damper since it was shot and as usual made a big improvement.
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