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Manual Lift Assist Spring

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Would anyone be able to post some pictures showing how the manual lift assist spring attaches to the underside of the tractor? Or could point me to a thread showing this already? I'm fairly certain I have the front side figured out, but very unsure on the attachment point for the rear side. Would be much appreciated!
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I have a 67, 110. If that makes any kind of difference. Thanks again!
Here is the page from the blade manual.

You have to remove the shifter cover to drop in the carriage bolts to install the strap.
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From what I have seen, there are two different styles of attachments to the frame near the shifter opening. The one I had was just a hook, but I have seen one with a strap that you use a carriage bolt. The both connect through the same hole,
Thank you both! I found one for sale that has the metal strap, but my manual shows a wire hook. It also didn't show where it actually hooked to.
There is a square hole in the frame by the seat spring that takes a carriage bolt for the strap or the end of the hook.
Straps were used the first couple of years (63/64) and then JD went to hooks (65 and up). It is easy to make the hooks and they look like the pictures. Roger

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I am not sure if you can see it in the this picture. The hole referenced is right near where the big variator spring attaches. You can see that attachment point in this photo.

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Roger FYI 63 110 helper spring used a flat plate for the helper spring I can't upload a picture sorry about that!!
Send me the picture and I can upload it. Thanks.
Jim I think that is what I said although I called it a strap instead of a plate which is what we called them when I worked at JD. Roger
Roger sorry you are correct!! I misunderstood. Terry I will email you a picture tomorrow.
Ok, that is very helpful. The one I found came with the flat strap and not the hook, is it possible to attach the strap to a 67 with out modifying it? Or is it just a matter of drilling a hole near the shifter to attach a bolt?
I think I answered my last question, I got under the tractor and it appears there is a square hole for a carriage bolt already.
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