Ive decided to sell my pin on Mini payloader I built a year and a half ago from plans from PF Engineering. It was built to fit my 318 and 332 tractors and Ive had it on both.
It will also fit a 322 tractor. Most members will be somewhat familiar with these, as theres a member building one now with a thread on here. So I wont bore everyone with the how great it works and how its a great backsaver. The cylinders are from Wen and are in excellent condition, the hydralic hoses are the best quality my local hydralic shop carries. They are also in excellent condition, no damage at all. Its been kept inside under cover since built. I have used it some in the past, so it does have some usage scratches on it. I painted it with a brush using JD green and yellow paint. I'm not a painter at all, so there are some runs in the paint.
The mower deck cannot be used with the payloader installed. I built the rear support bracket to attach where the deck draft arms pin to. I was pressed for time as I needed it working for winter snow removal. I had sold my 4 wheeler and plow. That can be modified at any time, depending what you want. With the design of the payloader you have to pivot the mast forward to open the hood. It's not difficult to do, remove 2 bolts from the side braces and pull the spring pins and use the hydralics to slide the bucket away and pivot the mast front. Easy peasy, lol. The last pic shows the mast front and hood open.
Removal of the payloader is pretty easy to. Pull the side supports and lower brace. Pull the spring pins and slide the bucket away, disconnect the hydralic hoses. Then i use a floor jack to lift it up out of the bottom groove in the frame and back tractor away. A few blocks of wood to support it and remove the floor jack.
The bucket is 44 inches wide and 15 deep I think. The lift height with a level bucket is 51 inches to the bottom of the bucket. It's able to dump over the side of my truck into the bed.
The tractors in the pictures are not for sale and neither is included with the payloader. Your buying the mini payloader only.

If theres any questions, post here or pm me. I'll do my best to answer promptly, but work has been very busy.
Thanks everyone.
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