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Hi all. Hoping someone can help me on this one. In preparation for next spring I am going to switch the tiller over to my 112 as it isn't quite as tired as the 110. Both tractors are SFs.. In doing a quick comparison of mule drive placement and intermediate spring arm attachment (see #9 part M43500 in attached illustration from Deere), I realized that the frame between the two tractors are different. The lip of the frame on the 110 ends at the junction point where M43500 spring attachment arm is bolted on the 110, while on the 112 is continuous. Being that the tractors are within a year or two of each other this surprised and it isn't something I have considered before. Does anyone use bushings in order to space the spring arm out from the frame in order to accommodate the lip on 112? This appears to be the strategy from the illustration but I want to confirm the setup before getting too far in. The 110 frame style kept the spring arm in plane with the mule drive bracket, but I suppose a slight offset would not impact the mounting that much. Oh yah and the tiller is serial 111288 so it has the second of the three mule drive designs. Thank you in advance for guidance and any pictures you can provide to help with setup.
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