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Model 38 brass tag 110RF mower deck

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I spent several hours today installing my rebuilt 38 deck on the 65 110 I restored last summer. The tractor did not come with a deck so all adjustments needed to be made. The good news it does work and it does cut grass....Yea!. However I do have a couple of open issues.

1 one of the adjustments is to stop the deck when it is in the up position. Instructions state that when adjusted properly the stops on the deck will be 1/4 below foot rests. The purpose is to stop the drive belt from hitting the mower deck. If I adjust to 1/4 my belt lies on the pulley cover. To avoid that I had to adjust to 1 1/4. I have seen pictures of pulley covers all worn where the drive belt is so I am wondering if this a common issue if adjusted to the 1/4. Obviously if I always remember to disengage the mower clutch and the belt is stopped this would not cause a problem. See stop to deck distance. Thoughts ?

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