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Hi Blood...
I've used that site before, with difficulty, to get n/c vintage operator's manuals. However, when I tried to get the model 49 operator's manual, I came up empty. I tried searching on model 49, 49, M00049, etc, and all return no hits. I checked with Ronvf and he had problems with the site as well. Can you provide more info on how you were able to run a successful search. Thanks!

Also, can anyone add PC1080 - Parts Catalog?
I played around with 49 and found nothing just like you guys did. Since there were lots of other 49 items I had to do some Sherlock Holmes deduction work and finally by process of deduction/elimination selected the "49 INCH" and hit on all the Snow removal items. Then looked at the details by choosing each one till I found the "North American/US" version of the manual. Sometimes "Less is More" works on the getting you close.

But Deere's improvements to the parts site and the manuals/documents site are making finding things a lot tougher.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts