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Model 68?

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I was given a free JD Md 68 rear engine this last week. Can't find much information here on this model. I'm more into the 200 series stuff so I will probably trade this 68 for something else eventually. Can anybody tell me of the reputation of the Md 68? Is it worth messing with or should I just scrap it. It is in fairly decent shape, could get some good parts off it.


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Mark as you were told the 68 is a Late Model Rider and is addressed in the Late Model Forum. This forum is for the 55, 56 and 57 model rear engine riders. The models for this section is written in the heading on the first page of this forum. Roger
All I can say is that the 68 would be my pick for a rear engine rider from JD. The ones that replaced the 68 are too complicated to work on and lack enough room to work on them. Post a thread in the Late Model forum if you have any more questions about them. BTW, I wouldn't mind having another 68 myself.
arrgh!! sorry got the wrong spot again. Haven't even laid a wrench on it and it is giving me fits. I am definitely getting rid of this thing.

I wouldn't necessarily do that as they are good lawn mowers. Roger
we shall see, it would be nice to have another mower unit out at the farm. I'll let it sit for a bit.
I agree strongly that the 68 is a great mower. I sold one of mine to a neighbor to replace his brand new, one year old WeedEater One. He still can't get the parts he needs to fix that poor excuse of a mower when it broke seven months after he bought it.
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