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Model 70 Pics

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Here's a few pic's of my 70, it was a lot of work but this thing is a blast!!!

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Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!
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these little machines are great wish they had a bigger following
are you missing the sheetmetal on your motor?
if so you're going to toast that thing.
it does look good im looking for a 70 myself
Thanks for all the comments guys.
Yes Tony, I do need the sheet metal for the engine. I haven't been able to find it yet. I kind of figured as long as the fins were kept clean it would get better airflow though. Am I wrong in this thinking? I would hate to mess up this engine as good as it's running, and hard as they are to find...
Don't run it without the engine tins. It would be that same as running a car without a radiator. Roger
Makes sense, shroud reflects air from fan to cool engine...Thanks Tony and Roger!!!
Dave are you looking for original tin work with the VH70 stamped into it? If not I have a shroud off another 7 horse that will bolt right on. I can ship it to you, thats too nice of a lil Deere to not be driving around.
Brad, that would be great!!! Can you send a price with shipping and link to a Paypal account? Send to my e-mail and I'll get back with you. I did look locally today with no luck, I can't believe how many Tecy's I have parted with in the past and now need one. Go figure???
If you can send me your address to [email protected] I can pack one up and send to you this weekend.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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