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Motor swap

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What does the transmission use the engine vacuum signal for? To know when the engine is under load?
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Here is a paragraph in the manual - I think it has to do with steering:

Vacuum diaphragms are used to engage the rear steering rod to the steering logic assembly. This allows steering wheel movement to be transferred to the steering pump swashplate arm, controlling the speed and direction of the steering motor inside the transmission. Vacuum for the diaphragms, one left and one right, is provided by the engine intake manifold.
That and there are some electric switches to trigger the solenoids to control the vacuum from what I read.

What a complicated animal!
will the newer overhead valve motors fit in a 214?
Yes but it is by no means plug and play. How good are you at welding, fabricating and problem solving. My 213. Roger

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Yeah i can do all of it. Just wanted to make sure it could be done before i go and buy a motor
If you plan on using the electric PTO (if equipped) and lights, make sure you buy an engine with an alternator. I have thought about attempting a Harbor Freight or the like engine swap, but then realized that few, if any, have a charging system capable of doing more than keeping the battery charged. Keep this in mind when searching for an engine. Also if you want to keep the original fuel tank, you will need to add an electric fuel pump. I have thought about using the under-the-seat tank as primary and the one mounted on the engine as a reserve, but can't find an engine I like with an alternator. I am very interested to see how yours comes out.
Im planning on using the HF 13hp i want Honda but its not in the Budget. Here in Florida I dont have much use for the lights so i think it will be ok. As for the fuel pump I already have a electric on mouted in the tractor. Im just tired of the stock motor running like c*** and fighting with it. I wont be using the Electric pto I already have everything new for the Manuel pto
Bill you do not have to use an electric fuel pump. These are 2 pictures a the Briggs (and others) vacuum fuel pump on the tractor in the first pictures. The engine in mine is a Kohler from a Miller welder that is rated at 13 HP. The biggest place for interference was around the carburetor and air cleaner. That is why mine has a different air cleaner on it. Roger

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Bill I thought of one more thing from my engine swap. It is very important you get the centerline of the new crankshaft in exactly or as close to exactly as you can to where the Kohlers was. I actually made guide plate that I could locate on the tractor and had a 1 inch hole in it that slid over the original Kohler crankshaft. I used that plate as a locating guide so the new engine was in the same place. If you move the centerline you will end up with belt fit problems and the variator drive not working. Roger
I was thinking the same thing. do you know if the Honda charging system will fit the clones?
It should but maybe not. The 13 HP Harbor freight has a same charging system the same as the Kohler I used. It is enough to keep the battery charged. My understanding is at least with the 6.5 HP Harbor Freight engine the flywheel taper is not the same. If that is true with the 13 HP then you will have a problem. The charging system on these engines requires you have a matched flywheel, stator and voltage regulator/rectifier for it to work right. I added lights to my 6.5 HP,clone powered mini bike and those were the parts I needed to change only that system is unregulated AC and doesn't have a VR. That system puts out 10 to 18 volts AC depending on engine speed. I also have another 6.5 HP that has the DC charging system and includes the VR. Many parts on clones are similar but not all. Also if you would have to but new Honda parts for a charging system you might be cheaper to buy a Honda engine to start with. Roger
Bill if you are looking for an engine I happened across this while looking for another item. This would give you 15 HP and enough electricity at a reasonable cost. It isn't a store item but a ship to home. I think Home Depot or Lowes sell similar items. Roger

Home Depot has the same motor. we dont have Menards here in Florida. Thanks for the heads up
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