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Mower Deck H047H vs PC1983

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We see a lot of questions that can be answered if our members would just use our FAQ Section. And there are tons of questions regarding "what attachments fit what" that can be answered just be going here: Attachment Charts.

I know this won't answer every question pertaining to your tractor and what snow blade you can use, but it should answer your questions more quickly and allow "smarter" questions than just "Will a blade from a 110 fit my 160?" sort of questions. Please use our FAQ section, as well as WFM Files. Thanks.
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For the 400 series tractors, at least, that chart is somewhat out of date (1998). I was visiting my dealer a couple of days ago, and he printed out the current version. Some stuff is NLA, and a few things are available again.
My 216 currently has a PC1983 47" mower deck and my friends 216 has a 47" H047H deck. Both decks are about in the same condition. Only difference I can tell is the PC1983 desk has wheels on the front and back and the H047H only has wheels on the back. I think the H047H is an older model than the PC1983. Is one deck better than the other from a cutting and robustness standpoint?
Jay welcome to WFM. Both decks are the same except for the two extra anti scalp wheels. Neither is better or worse than the other. Roger
I've never heard of a PC1983 deck. I have what I think is a model 47 deck with the later M00595X serial number. Would it be a PC1983 as well?
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