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Muffler for 140 16hp K341

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What have you guys done? Modified the stock muffler to adapt to the larger 16hp elbow? Made your own?
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Thanks, did you ever hear how it sounded?

I'm a bit concerned that reheadering the stock muffler it may be too restrictive for the 16hp, but maybe not?

Also have the same concern about the heavy duty air cleaner kit.

Guess try it, adjust the carb jetting to work and go from there.
Wow, thats cool, forgot about that. I would have done a duel in, single out in that case, but I guess it works.
I'm going to use the 16hp blower housing as its taller for more airflow to the head. I will have to rework it some to block off the holes and get the right mounting for the coil. Will have to rework the head baffling too. Also making the throttle and choke linkages to match the 140.

Plan is to shave the head some to bump compression and do some porting and relief work too.

Still not sure what I will do for a muffler. Have always wanted to build one from scratch for something.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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