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My 332 Project.... Early Stages

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Here are some 'Before' pictures of the 1988 332 I bought a couple of weeks ago.

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These are the only in progress photos I have right now. The engine is obviously out for cleaning and painting. The radiator is at the shop getting boiled and painted. The manifold and muffler are going to the sand blaster tomorrow after work. New fuel lines, radiator hoses, radiator cap, fuel cap, decals and stuff like that are on the way from mother Deere.

I am no painter and I really wanted this to turn out well. Plus the hood was trashed and I didn't want to buy another one so I found a guy in town that moonlights with paint and body work. He is sanding, prepping and painting the green shiny parts. I think I can handle the frame and engine. :0)

My plan is to put Carliles or Firestone 23X10.5X12 ag tires on the back and the V61 tires on the front.

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I have never had a Diesel or any 300 series but when I'm finished with this project, I hope to have a nice 332 to go in my crowded garage next to my restored 140 H3.

I have never utilized the benefits from my 140 but I love the looks of them!
I know you have all seen a radiator before but I wanted to show how mine came back from the radiator shop.

The top had that yellow corrosive powder all over it. The paint along the protected sides were not bad but since the belly screen looked like a science experiment, the cooling fins had lots of loose debris pretty deep up in there.

They boiled it, pressure tested it and painted it for $65.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I ordered new hoses and cap from Deere so at least this part of the tractor should have received sufficient attention!

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I want let you guys know what kind of guy we have on here with AJ Cannon. He drive over 4 hours yesterday to come help me get the engine back in my 332 project and a bunch of other stuff. That boy knows is way around these tractors. He would tell me what wrench to get without even looking at it.

He was down for 5 hours and we got everything done except the sheet metal and hood.

He is a class A guy like so many others on here and I wanted to thank him publicly.
Sorry I haven't given many pictures along the way. This was kind of a weird project. I sent the sheet metal and hood to a body guy, and it was always meant to be a working tractor project. I just don't have the time and shop to work on these like I used to so it had to be done quick at all cost. This 332 was beginning to end in about 5 weeks and a lot of down time waiting for this or that. It is by no means perfect but I am very happy with it. The deck hasn't been touched but will probably get a paint touch up before spring.

Carlisle Tru Power and V61's on the front.
I want to thank AJ Cannon again for coming down from ATL to help me put the engine back in, hook up the mechanical parts and bled the system. He is an awesome guy.

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I just noticed I forgot to put the plastic cap on the right front wheel. I was in a hurry to get the deck on and try it out.

Yes, it did. It is on there right now!


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