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My little 100

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Last spring I found a 100 by running a "wanted" ad on CL:

I decided to make it a "work in progress for the summer, took the sheet metal & hood of & painted them:

After getting that much done, I got too busy to finish much, the deck has been disassembled in the shop since then. The last couple of days, I've gotten the deck cleaned & ready for paint;

Primed it this morning & hope to paint in the next few days. Hopefully, I can get to the tractor after the first of the year. ~~ Lowell
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Lowell, It's looking good as usual. Will be looking for follow-ups.
Very nice.....you don't see very many of those
Cool, you going to mow with it? Thats one thing I havent had a chance to do with my 70.
Nice looking 100. It appears to have been well cared for. I might have to start looking for one myself.
Thanks for the comments, guys!

Probably won't mow with it, although I have finished the deck refurbish:

Still need to find a new set of blades for it, I'll check the local shop in the morning.

This one will mostly be a "show queen", with some yard use! ~~ Lowell
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Very nice! How's your Briggs engine behaving?
Mine remains unrebuilt and smokes some but still soldiers on! The 100 is not fancy but sure a lot of fun.

Regards, John
The only problem I've had is that the carb leaks when not running! Haven't had time to do anything with it yet. I used a fuel selector switch from a 420 as a shut-off, so I don't have to take a side panel off the shut the gas off. ~~ Lowell
I replaced the needle on my briggs carb with no luck. Ended up pulling out the brass seat and repaceing and fixed it.

Dealer couldnt get the kit with the seat in it any more, but ebay had them.
if you get the briggs part number, send me an email, i have a small tote full of briggs parks, including needles, seats, and gaskets. Prices would be shipping plus $1
My 100 will have to be put on hold for now. I've got shoulder surgery scheduled in two weeks, meanwhile, I'm working on the blade I picked up last week. ~~ Lowell
Hi. New to the forum. I picked up a 100 in fair condition recently and am deciding whether or not it's worth restoring. The original engine starts easily and runs well but there's a few parts missing and they're proving difficult to find.

If anyone has a parts donor and would be interested in selling some items, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for all I've learned already about this neat little machine.
John I would suggest you repost this in the Wanted part of the forum as you will get more results there. That is where people who are selling and buying spend a lot of their time. Welcome to WFM. Roger
I finally got back to work on the 100 recently! I had repainted some of the parts I could easily remove last year, but didn't want to completely tear it down during show season. I'd bought a new carburetor for last year also. Put it in the shop last month & have worked on it intermittently since. took it down as far as I intend to today.

I'll pressure wash it tomorrow, then sand & repaint. Hope I can remember how to put it all back together!!!
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Since it's easier to post pics now, here's the progress on the little 100.

Frame cleaning:

Priming with Rustoleum "automotive Primer/Filler":

Painted & start of re-assembly:

Getting further along:

Tractor near completion:

All finished except the footrest treads:

The little 100 will spend most of it's time riding in the 22B trailer at shows this summer:


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Looks great, Lowell, as does that Industrial model!!
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I like your trailer and that 100 looks great
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Do u have any closer pics if the wiring or were it goes or the silanoid
Do u have any closer pics if the wiring or were it goes or the silanoid
Sorry, I don't & I've sold the tractor.
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