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My new to me 66 110h

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Just picked this up over the weekend. Pretty sure it's a 66 SN begins with 420. As far as I can tell most is original except for the exhaust and some small home fixes. Hopefully I will get time this summer to play with it!
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I see this is your first post here on WFM. Welcome.

Very nice 110H. I have two '66 110s, but neither one is a 110H. Nice score. You did good.
Thanks Terry. Been a long time viewer and have used a ton of the info here. Such a great site and great people. I'm very happy with the tractor. I haven't gone over every inch of it yet but so far looks to be all original. Has both head lights and tail light and an integral hitch and came with what the owner said was the "original" 38" deck. The deck is a brass tag not sure of the significance to that with this year 110.
Welcome to WFM Dan,nice score for sure!
Working my way down to the frame. Not sure how far I will go with the tear down. Hoping to remove the engine and strip most of the frame etc.. clean the engine and repaint then reinstall. Wanted to use the restoration series paint from valspar but I'm having a hard time locating some. Local tractor supply doesn't carry it anymore. I can always go with Deere paint which I have done in the past. Not going to do rattle can this time I find it doesn't hold up. (pictures to follow)
Dan Valspar makes Deere's paint for them. Just a different can label. Roger
Thanks Roger. I wasn't sure what the thoughts were on the valspar implement paint that's available just about anywhere including amazon. In the little research I have found I have seen the argument for and against to be pretty much split. Some prefer deere paint and others not. Have you had any luck? I'll be spraying with an HVLP and hope to thin it and use hardener. Any thoughts on what concoction works the best I think I read somewhere 8 parts paint 1 thinner and 1 hardener. Anyone have any success with that?

Keith - Thanks. I was always looking for a 110H with narrow fronts that was close to original. took me awhile to find but worth the wait.
I just used JD paint 10 to 1,wishing I had of used hardener aswell.It went on good,but doesn't seem as durable as the original paint
Yeah Grant I found the same to be true with the rattle can stuff. I did my 214 with it and spent the time to sand the primer etc... and used the rattle can and it came out great but after a year of using it I kept running into issues with it scratching and chipping very easily. I guess hardener makes the difference. I use my tractors so I expect them to get dinged etc.. but it hurts to see that just after you paint them!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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