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Need help on first 110

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Hey my name is Logan I am new to the forum. I am 24 years old and I farm for a living we farm mostly cotton and peanuts. With that being said I have never messed with small tractors. I am looking at buying a 1965 110 john Deere it runs and looks pretty good the fellow is asking 400 for the tractor. I am just looking at this point for any tips on what to look for when selecting a tractor to buy and restore. I want one with round fenders and I know you have to stay under a 68 model. Thanks for any and all help.
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For $400 it should be no knock, no smoke, decent tires and a least a usable mower deck. The last round fender that I bought at a auction was $175 with a mower deck and a front blade. Everything was a little rusty.
He said it does not knock or smoke. It does not have a mower deck. He said it shifts gears really well and includes new battery new gas lines and new fuel filter. I will try to figure out how to post a picture.
Welcome Logan, nice to have another 24 year old as a member, I bought a '67 110 3 years ago with deck and motor locked up for 250. Poured a little oil in the cylinder, drank a beer and it freed up and still runs good. My advice for your purchase would be for 400 it better start and run good and the variator should operate properly. Good tires, no smoke and look over it closely for repairs done with a metal coat hanger instead of baleing wire!
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Thanks Garrett the tires are in fair shape but wanting to put different ones on it once I restore it!
For some reason my 2 side pictures are to big and I can't make them smaller so can't upload them.
Logan, with the pictures we can see some added value in the hitch parts needed for attaching a tiller. If it also has the helper spring on the manual lift and the extra pulley to drive the tiller, those items are a must for tiller usage, and add value. Would you be planning to use the tractor?
The hood appears in very good condition. If it should actually have cracks in the front corners, that's an easy repair compared to rebuilding the whole front of one.
The front tires are newer and appear to be good condition. Rears are original type and look good too.
The yellow draft plate on the front is for a mower deck.
You will want a new or very good used steering wheel center cap. The muffler looks like a "pepper pop" replacement type. Gets the job done, but an original type or the Nelson replacement for it is quieter and makes the K181 sound SO GOOD!
Price you pay is entirely up to you. It's hard to tell without side views, but this one sure looks complete and not beat up. Makes restoring it much easier on the wallet.

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If you get to look at it in person, this is what the "extra" tiller drive pulley looks like. You will have to look underneath the tractor to see if a helper spring is there.

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Thanks a lot Tom I am not planning on using it at all! Any advice is appreciated!
Welcome Logan,try www.webresizer.com for resizing your pictures,its pretty easy to use
Thanks Grant it worked!
I sent you a E.Mail I would jump on that 1965 .

Thanks Mitchell for your help. Hope I don't bother any one on this process lol!
No problem glad to help you out let us know if you get the 1965 .Seen a ad full of 110 down your way and showed some 110es that had some hydro lifts also.
Thanks for all help guys, I am going to look at the 1965 110 Wednesday morning so I will let yAll know what I do! Also if there is anything I need to be looking for let me know thanks!!
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