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Need Help on JD 140 Choke

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Hey guys, I used to be on here 50 times a day when I was restoring my 140 and 70 but since then I moved over 6 years ago and have not been on here since!!

My tractors and implements have been stored at my dad's farm in Indiana all this time only getting started to move them around or pull a wagon from time to time.

ANYWAY, I have always had an issue with how the throttle cable connects to the carburetor. The JD Parts schematic only shows the cable at the cockpit and I forget why the Kohler book didn't help.

Anyway, would someone be willing to take off their filter and email me a closeup picture of the cable contacting to the carb? When I looked at this in the past, I feel like something was missing on my carb or perhaps it has the wrong carb on it.

The throttle works correct. Back and forth but to choke, it has to be hyper extended and the connection seems backwards.

My dad is bringing my 140 H3 to me in SE Georgia over Easter and I am planning to use it to mow my 1/2 acre weekly. I would like to finally figure this out after all these years because right now, we are just manually choking it.

Thank you!

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