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Need help with JD 300 mower

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I have a JD 300 mower with 16hp Kohler motor. I installed a deck off a later model 318 tractor. I changed the draft arms and used the old style mule drive that came with the 300 tractor.

Now when I start the tractor and engage the PTO switch it automaticly kills the motor.

I installed new points and condensor already. Any other ideas or does anyone know whats wrong with it? I need help, I have no idea whats wrong. Thanks Doug.
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You have a safety switch problem. Either the seat switch, neutral switch, or electric pto switch. I hope the mods don't delete this for this answer, but what I do when I have that problem is TEMPORARILY bypass each one and see which that cures the problem. When you find the bad switch, don't operate the tractor until you replace it. Never operate your tractor without all safety switches operational!!

Doug, Maybe you have the belt on the wrong side of the guides for the pulleys on the mule, did that on my 318 years ago the first time I changed the belt but it did not kill the motor it pulled it down and ate the belt up $25.00 shot
hope this helps

Doug, describe 'kills the motor'. Shuts it off or stops it mid stroke like you just hit a stump with the blade.

Try taking the belt off the deck drive. If it still quits then you know it isn't the deck itself or belt issues but electrical.

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