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Need information

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If you have the 318 serial number can you determine from that the model of Engine that it came with?
model MOO318x 285509
Thanks for any help
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Model: 318
Typecode: M00318X
Serial Number: 285509
Model Year: 1984
Engine Model and Size: B43G Onan 18HP
Lift Type: Hydraulic 2 Lever
Paint: Green
Manufactured Location: Horicon, WI
Hi Robert - Just so you don't get the idea that Brad is some sort of brain trust, or that he has mystical powers, all of which may very well be true, you can go to the REGISTRY link at the top of the page, click on "Serial Number Lookup", plug your serial number into the box, and click on the SUBMIT button, and you'll come up with the same information. - Dave
Thank you, the guy told me the engine had been replaced with a p218. Would this engine change make much difference in the function of the tractor?
If it has the rear PTO will this a newer model 318?
Thanks again, Its easier for an Old Man to ask questions when he is limited on Computer knowledge
Was a last minute post before I went out to the garage, should of explained the process.

As far as a engine swap, it is very possible that a P218 was put in, people on here including myself have done it and it will not change any functions of the tractor.

The rear PTO could be put on any year 318.
There are a couple of ways to verify if the engine is a P218.

1. Check the ID tag on the engine that is located on the top right rear of the engine, it should say P218 on it unless they used the old shrouding.

2. A P218 engine has electronic ignition not points. If there is a rectangular metal cover with a allen head bolt in the top of it in front of the carburator then it has points.
Hey Brad or others
I don't think this guy has a rear PTO on his 318 he is trying to sell. I ask him a lot questions and I think he only has the stub shaft coming out of his Trans. Wouldn't there have to be a second coil and switch to engage a rear PTO rather than the Stub. He still maintains he ran a rear tiller with it. I'm confused and don't need a Rear Pto but he is adding more money to the price and stating it has a Rear PTO, and I've never seen it and can't determine what he has !
Thanks for any help

The tillers that would work on a 318 could be either a PTO drive mechanical one that needs the gear reduction gearbox to provide the 2000 RPM output, or the 30 hydraulic tiller that used the rear drive double sheave pulley. Both rear drives use the PTO clutch and rear switch like you mentioned. It is also possible to drive a 30 hydraulic tiller from the belly pump that uses the front PTO and mule drive like the mowing deck does...so a tiller could have been used at one time on a 318 tractor that has NO rear PTO or rear drive of any type.

Try to get a photo sent to you of the 318 for sale showing the rear of the tractor, the rear PTO and rear drive pulleys are readily seen from the back, as they are immediately behind the rockshaft when fitted.

Here is a picture of the rear drive double sheave pulley for a 30 tiller (sorry about the poor image quality...)

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