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Need New Front Shoes.

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I need new front tires for my JD 314 tractor. Current size is Goodyear 1600x650x8 NHS Soft-Trac Terra-Tire. Went to JD dealer, was told those tires are no longer available. In my quest to keep the tractor looking the same, he suggested Carisle tire 575326. It also is a turf tire. According to website, this 575326 is a 1600x650x8 tire size. When comparing the new tire against the old tire being the same size,the new tire appears to be one to one and a half inches smaller.I would like to keep the same height as the original tire. Any suggestions on what to look for, trying to keep original look?
thanks, Bob
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Mounted and inflated or unmounted and un-inflated? While tires of different brands of the same size will vary in size, nothing compares to the difference between inflated and un-inflated.

With your old tires mounted, deflate one and check the size difference between it and the aired-up one.
Don, Thanks for your response. I removed the old Goodyear tires from the rims. In comparing the old tire with the new Carisle tire of the same size, old tire is one inch taller, even more if it had like new tread. I will keep looking for same or near same size tires as original tires.
I went with an off brand from Tractor supply. Its a knock off of Carlisles Multi Trac C/S's Called Hi-Run. They work good for me!

For my 318 I choose the Carlisle Turf Master.
At the time on their site the picture of the Turf Master look more square than any others.
I don't like ATV style tire on a tractor.

I didn't compare lately but this series with 4 ply had bigger diameter than the others.

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Matt and Andre. Thanks for your responses. Since GoodYear is not manufacturing lawn and garden tires any longer, Choices from my dealer are Carisle or import. I choose Carisle Turf Master tires. Closest match I could find.
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Since you got those from a JD Dealer, I'm going to be nosy and ask what you paid - there was a posting about tire costs from different sources and I'm curious
Let me say, I paid a premium. I too, like a good deal, this was not one of them. My reasoning for going to the JD dealer was to fine the same tire as I had. My Goodyear tires are NLA.
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