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Need picture from original JD 100 snow plow

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Its quite difficult to find any accessories for JD 100 here in Germany. Luckily I found a snow plow for the 70 and 100. I like to check if its really original before ordering by mail.. ;-)

Can someone post pictures from JD 100 snow plows please?

Thanks, Jolanda
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Jolanda this is a blade that came off a 100 tractor on a 70 tractor. They are called a model 40 blade and are 42 inches wide. You are kind of in the wrong forum unless you are asking about a 110. 100s like you own are in the lawn tractor forum. The 40 blade fits 60s, 70s and 100s. Roger

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Roger, thank you very much again ! I am very sorry about choosing the wrong forum - you are absolutely right. May I ask an admin to shift this thread in the correct forum please.

The pics are very helpful. Looks like the offered blade is the original 70/100.

But how is the small bar attached to the lever to lift the blades?
Jolanda here are some pictures of the lift bar next to a ruler. Sorry it is not metric. One is from the top and other is from the side. Roger

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Perfect !

That picture helps allot. It seems the offered snow blade has all the original parts.

Will try to buy it now.

Best Jolanda
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