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Needle sticks

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Can someone tell me what this thrower fits. Here is the tag. I lost the picture of the unit..sorry

It looks fairly new.
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That fits the F510 & F525 front mowers.

BTW, there are a some attachment charts in our Technical FAQ section. And for those attachments like this for front mowers, etc., there is a tutorial there on how to use JD Parts to find what fits what here: Finding attachments in JD Parts and what they fit
You beat me to it. Dang this slow Hughesnet!
Thanks Tim, I believe your right.
A guy saw my 322 in front on my house the other day and asked my neighbor about it. He called me today and asked if I knew anything about the hydro on a 322, Seems he lives just a mile from me and the left wheel free wheels like the axle is broken in there,. The left side has resistance and turns like it should but stops when pressure is applied to the wheel.
Anyways, he showed me this snow thrower he paid 200 bucks for and wanted to know how to hook it up to the 322. I told him to forget it and try to get his money back out of it. It's a nice never used thrower but it would take a lot of fabrication to make it work on the 322.
I just called him and told him we think it fits a F525.
I am going to loan my manuals to him so he can work on his tractor. He's a nice ol' farmer guy that seems pretty handy with his tools and all. I suggested he take the hydro unit out and then we'll look at it to the point it scares us, and then maybe have a shop look into it.
This 322 he has is equipped with a 2000 RPM rear PTO that he isn't using. I may just have to spend some time helping him along.......
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Thanks also Terry
Just becareful... some farmers are pretty good negotiators...unless, of course, you need the PTO more than you need traction! I'm sending you a PM as well
I have a '79 210 every time I go to use my mower fuel bowl is empty and I have to tap on the needle to get it to drop back down. is there a fix for this or does the needle and seat need replaced. if it needs replaced does anyone have a part number
do you run a little sea-foam in your fuel? if its crud making the needle stick that will help.

A needle is cheap though, the entire kit is less then $20
we have the same problem with ours to..its that darn ethanol, it makes the rubber tip expand. I replaced it with an all brass needle and it works great now.
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