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Neutral safety switch on a 140? remove, repair or replace?

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While plowing snow snow I lost the neutral safety switch. the threaded end separated from the body. I made a jumper and plowed some more and more. It kept snowing here in CT. I went to the Deere dealer for a replacement edge for the 54 blade and asked about the switch. 21$ and the ordered it. In the meantime I got my JB weld out and repaired the switch. It now functions as it should. The new switch came in from Deere and I went to install it but it did not just bolt in. The Shaft is a larger diameter and would require drilling. It also uses two nut rather than the threaded shaft to secure it.

I have 3 options each will work: 1. leave the jumper in (no small kids around) 2. reinstall the repaired switch. 3. Drill and replace.

What would you do if it was your tractor?
Thanks , Ben
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I replaced mine when I restored my 140. The new switch is bigger in diameter. it came with instructions for retrofitting on the old bracket. The down side of the new switch is that the button protrudes out further and would not allow the lever to return to neutral if you press the pedal down. I have the switch adjusted as far back as possible and still work. If I had it to do over I would just clean the old switch and reinstall it. I kept my old switch and just haven't gotten around to getting another bracket. I now have to manually move it past the switch button into neutral. In the end not a big deal as I have gotten use to it.
Mike, I'll look and see if I saved them, but as I recall it was just enlarging the hole in the bracket where the switch mounts.
Found it. For some reason the upload function is not working, I can email it to you if you like. FYI, if anyone plans on replacing the headlight switch on their 140, The chrome plated nut from the old switch will not fit the new switch. The new switch must be metric threads. I just cleaned and reused the old one.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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