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Neutral safety switch on a 140? remove, repair or replace?

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While plowing snow snow I lost the neutral safety switch. the threaded end separated from the body. I made a jumper and plowed some more and more. It kept snowing here in CT. I went to the Deere dealer for a replacement edge for the 54 blade and asked about the switch. 21$ and the ordered it. In the meantime I got my JB weld out and repaired the switch. It now functions as it should. The new switch came in from Deere and I went to install it but it did not just bolt in. The Shaft is a larger diameter and would require drilling. It also uses two nut rather than the threaded shaft to secure it.

I have 3 options each will work: 1. leave the jumper in (no small kids around) 2. reinstall the repaired switch. 3. Drill and replace.

What would you do if it was your tractor?
Thanks , Ben
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Thanks for the input, that what I thought. Installed the switch to see the jb weld fail. So being stubborn I brazed it with solder. I got it clean and seems to hold and function. we'll see.

And yes I do want to be safe don't want any runaway Deere.

Time to plow some snow and get off the computer. 3" to 4" down and still snowing,
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