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New 70

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I just found a John Deere 70, in rough shape with a mower deck and snow thrower.What are common problems with these tractors? How much do these tractors usually go for?I m very excited to get this tractor, and will use it for mowing/ pulling small wagons/ spreaders! As you can tell i'm new to these tractors, and could use all the info i can get!

Thanks Tim
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The engine is hard to replace if it goes south. There is no direct bolt in replacement and OEM parts are getting harder to find.
Read through some older posts and you'll find the common problems.
Congrats on your find! I just picked up a 60 with a deck and blower. If the engine runs good take good care of it. There tuff little tractors though, I had a 60 when I was younger and it survived a lot of abuse
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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