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New JD60 owner

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Just joined the ranks of Model 60 ownership. This is my 2nd Deere. My first is a 73 110. Purchased a pretty decent 67 model 60 last night. I'm guessing it's either been restored in the past or kept in a garage and not used a whole lot. The guy I bought it from has owned it for the past 9 years or so and has been using it to mow his small yard. The only real cosmetic issue is the front of the hood is cracked. Tractor came with the original seat (in somewhat rough condition) and the original engine (in pieces in a box - haven't looked at the damage yet). Also came with a service manual. Should be a fun project that hopefully I can pass on to our kid someday (wife is due in December).

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Finally got a chance to mow the yard with it yesterday. It does a better job than my 110. In 3rd gear it's so fast it's like riding a go cart! Thought I'd get a couple of photos of both tractors while I had them out of the shed.

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nice pics and i can see why it'd feel like a go cart it sits low to as well as being fast...
My brother has a 70 that grandma gave him. It feels the same way in 3rd gear. It definitely needs the variable speed from the 100/200 series tractors.
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