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New LT133 owner

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I am also new to this site, but really glad I found it! Of course I bought my LT133 used but it is new to me but unfortunately it did not come with an operators manual. I found the Product Information Number tag on the left rear of the tractor just inboard of the left rear wheel. I understand there is a way to decipher that number to obtain the year built, mine is M0L133A026900. If someone could point me to the information I would greatly appreciate it. It would also be great information to know where I could obtain an operators manual for it.

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David the LT133 is a late model and you will get more and better answers there. Roger
Okay, but just where is there. I just joined this site and I'm really, really new.

Thanks Roger
One forum below this one. Title of it is "John Deere Lawn Tractor and Late Model Garden Tractor Forum." Roger
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