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New rear shoes on the 70.

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Bought some new tires this summer and they are mounted on modified JD 185 wheels. The hubs are to wide so they had to be machined narrower. Tires are Carlisle 20.00x10.00-8s Super Lugs. Roger

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Nothing looks better than a fat little set of ag tires under the back end...Joe
Do you have a side shot showing how level it sits? Can you elaborate on mods you made to the rims? Just shorten up the tube part that the keyway is in?
It sits about 1 inch higher in the back. Factory the tires are 18 inch and run a bit smaller. New tires are 20 inch and are more like 19.5 inches. I just shortened the axle tube on the rims about 5/16 of an inch if I remember correctly. I did it a couple on months ago. Chucked the rims in a large lathe and cut the outside down until the tube was the same length at the 70 wheels. If I get a chance later I will add some side views. Roger
Added a couple of more shots. I measure the drawbar height at 8 inches and it is the same as my 345. My wife's RF 112 is 8 1/4 inches. Roger

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Looking good Roger! I've got the same tire combo on my 70 and really have been happy with it. I just used a set of stock 70 rims though.

I like the look of that seat pan too!

I think the pan makes it look a bit more like a RF. The only reason I used the 185 wheels is I had them, they are the same basic size and wanted to keep the original tires and wheels for snow use in the winter. Roger
I restored a 70 not too long ago. I was going to put bar tires on the rear but I thought that they would not clear the fenders. Guess I was wrong about that. They really look nice on that little 70.
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