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New (to me) 214 trans issue

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Need a little help for a schmatic of how the shaft goes through the front axel on the X728 for mounting Quick Hitch for 47 snowblower I don't have any manuals for this and I might have to go and see if dealer can get me a picture and discription on how to install it, if no help here. thank you Arnie
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Hello again, I've just picked up a 78' 214. Starts right up, runs like a top..but the gear shift is in neutral and the tractor rocks back and forth like its stuck in gear. Aren't there little dogs inside that get out of alignment on these trannys, causing them to not actually go into neutral? Oh, and the parking brake is not engaged, but the brake pedal (right pedal) is further down than it should be...issues, but I love this old stuff!
John welcome to WFM. The transmission probably has broken detent springs. Those springs control the shift forks. If they are broke they can and will get stuck in two gears at the same time. Right now taking the transmission apart and put $10 or so in parts will fix. To take the transmission apart it needs to come out of the tractor. There are many posts you can find with our Search feature and I believe also in the Frequently Asked Question Area on how to do this. If you try to force it or drive it you could easily do several hundred dollars worth of damage. It is you choice what to do. Roger
Alright, thanks Roger! I'll be looking into it ASAP!
Luckily, the parking brake had seized, with PB blaster and a claw hammer I gently tapped it from behind the tractor. It is now free and working well!
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