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New to me 316 onan i need help

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316 Onan sn:m00316x421701* wont start if you turn the key there is a box in front of the steering colum and behind the battery that clicks but no click from the starter power to starter from battery but none from other wires the purple wire has nothing neither does the little red wire from this little box with 5 or 6 wires coming out of it that is attached directly to the frame with a bolt and to the starter in front of the starter what is it
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yes it does it with a good charger on it or off it
that box clicks when you turn the key to start and there is 12.2 volts coming through the purple safety circuit wire but the starter does nothing even after i cleaned every electric connector i could find.
Thank you for all suggestions,
Dustin A.
i have that improvement kit which was installed by the prior owner as i said i cleaned all connections and checked fuses have power every where the relay in the improvement kit clicks when key is turned to start but the starter does nothing dad and i used a screw driver to jump the terminals on the solenoid but nothing but a few sparks happened i think it is the starter so to morrow after work and lunch i will be pulling the engine to mess with the starter.
also my seat has no safety switch in it.
i do have to remove engine to remove starter yes???????
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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