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New to me 317's

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I just picked up a 317 tractor.
I need to start doing some reading but a couple quick ones before I mess anything up.

When the motor is running and I turn the PTO switch off then back on it makes a squeal noise.
Then when I shut it down (with the PTO on) it makes a squeal.

I am assuming this is a PTO problem? Sounds like a bearing or something
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Sounds like the belt slipping before it bites to me. I would check your tension before anything.
Also be sure that you are not engaging/disengaging the PTO at WOT...all the attachment manuals recommend using only 1/3 throttle or less for the actual switching of states.

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It does not really sound like a belt squeal to me.
I did flip the switch at idle.

Is there something I can look at to see if it is happening.

I have never owned a Deere before, nor a hydro type tractor.
My current grass mower is a Ferguson TO-35 from 1955!
You can check the air gap to be certain it is set correctly. Since the unit is a combined clutch & brake, too small a gap can cause wear and perhaps the noise you mention as well.

Here is a typical method--

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I got the tractor off the trailer today and ran it around the yard.
This is really silly but the PTO switch is wired backwards. The noise I heard was actually the PTO engaging!!

Now for the bad
Brakes do not work
Neutral does not work - goes forward

I have a tech manual and the brakes look easy to adjust. Not sure on the Hydro, seems this is under the rear of the tractor? Hard to tell.

Now for the good.
It was repowered with a Kohler 18 Magnum!

The kids and I power washed it today, and I took some photos.

I was a bit leary about the money I spent on this, but now it seams like a real steal to me!
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Can we ask what you paid for it? I always like to ask so I know what my toys are worth

My switch is wired backwards, too. You can maybe switch the switch around (mine has an aftermarket switch so I am not positive) OR you can switch the wires around on the back of the switch to correct the problem.
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$750 for both tractors.
I am trying to upload photos

I tried to take a photo of the rear brake.
I am not sure how much shoe it should have, but it seems like there is still some there for me to adjust.
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The deck has been welded, but it seems good.
I also have the deck covers, but I think I am missing the screws.

Does this deck adjuster look correct?
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The front is a bit rough
I am not sure what the center knob does.
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The wiring is a bit rough, but I guess everything works.

I think the seat switch has been deactivated.
The lights work...
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My wife noticed today when I engaged the PTO there was a few sparks.

Maybe this was from the power wash job?
Were they the ones on eBay? They went for $750 for the pair. They looked like decent machines.

The deck adjust is correct. You turn the black knob to adjust your up and down and the wing nut thing is basically a jamb nut.

The other knob is to adjust the tension of the main deck belt. It is on what is called the mule drive.
If the hydro is creeping(creeping not creepy)I would take off the fender deck.And get a good look at it. Check the fluid and clean any gunk off of the housing and try again.
Note: I am assuming that if the fluid is low then you would fix that.
I need to figure out how to take apart the fender deck.

If I do that, I guess I should just change the fluid and filter.
I need to find part numbers for it.
Should change motor oil and hydo oil so you know it was changed.

Creep can usually be adjusted or you might have worn linkage.
Just go to Deere and get the filter and Hy-Tran. They will get you the right stuff. This (and belts) is an area where Deere makes some pretty good stuff that is worth the money (which isn't any higher than NAPA)

BTW, you should go on JDParts to finds some of this info out. I know you can enter as a guest through my dealer (Midstate Equipment) if you don't want to order parts straight off the site. These parts diagrams are very helpful in taking things apart and even more helpful when putting them back together.
I did notice also when I press the brake pedal (which doesn't stop the tractor) that the hydraulics make noise.

Should the brake pedal disengage the hydraulics?
How else would it stop?
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