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New to me 88 318

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got the 318 home its in need of reassembly.i will pull the engine back out and rebuild the starter,paint the black and then start back togather body panels are in good shape just sand and repaint .will post pics tommorow if weather lets me take then its under a tarp for the nite raining while unloading it
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pics of new to me 318

now to get started with repairs
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It looks like a nice restore project. Maybe a newer model the way the paint is peeling from the frame in the last pic ? The 318 is my favorite John Deere. Now would be a good time to change out the hrydro fluid and filter, clean up the belly screen. Check the grommets on top of the gas tank while you have the pan off. Maybe replace the fuel lines ?
Pretty easy to spend someone else's money nut just suggestions while you have it torn down that far.
mike ty yes it will get all of that and then some
figure while its this far appart may as well do the restore to start with
Hello Glen
Congratulation's are in order here, Welcome to the 318 Club in my mind the John Deere 318 Lawn & Garden Tractor was the Best Lawn & Garden Tractor to ever have come from John Deere I know that you will Love it. A Head's up here, that floor pan and all of the other metal panel's are powder coated. Removing Powder coat paint can be very frustrating to say the least, it flake's off and underneath it leaves behind deep rust Pits. When I restored my son in law's 1991 John Deere 316 I used 36 Grit D-A sand paper to get it off of the panels and it is so tough to remove it takes no time at all to Knock the cutting edge action off of 36 Grit sand paper

If it were me, I would start right out with some 36 or 40 Grit sand paper on those panels that are flaking their powder coat then follow up with some 80, 120 and finalize with a 220 Grit sand paper before painting the panels. That is how I did the 316 restore and it still took me Three Very Long tedious Day's to get that Miserable Powder coat Paint off of the body panels. Once it was off I had to use Body filler to fill all of the very deep rust Pit's that it left behind I used just shy of a gallon of auto Body filler on his metal panels. I hope that this help's and I am looking forward to seeing that restoration project completed, Keep us informed and Please Take picture's of it while doing this project we all like to see Progress and the finished results. Regards, Kurt
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Glen, the fender deck on your machine looks about the same as the one that's on mine. One thing I note is the loss of paint in the front mounting bolt area, and your other pictures show the left pedestal panel with some missing paint. That is, to me, a sign of a Strongbox battery spewing electrolyte. You'll want to pull the battery tray and side panels, and neutralize any acid spill damage underneath with a baking soda solution.

Kurt, maybe the 316 you did was powder-coated, but my 1985 318 certainly is not.

Hello Hank
From what I was told, John Deere switched to Powder coat Paint sometime in 1989 time span. I have also heard that the reason for it's failure of which it flakes off the floor pans and side engine panels is due to rust underneath the panels Powder coated. Apparently after the metal panel's are made they sit awhile and that caused them to rust slightly then they got power coated and the end result was Powder coat Paint failure. It is Miserable to Take off of metal panel's I can tell you that much. Regards, Kurt
Well after picking up the 110 barn find tonite i got the new starter replaced the tinwork all back on the engine and its ready to set back in after i finish cleaning up and painting the frame.will keep updating as i get things done
Well got the engine set in all hooked up.Got it fired up and it smokes like a old coal train so now i guess i will be pulling it back out and apart to overhaul or repower ir with a 23 horse onan i have my eye on if it will bolt in.
Update on the 318.I have been in touch with Boomer as soon as i have pulled the engine back out and apart i'll get the parts needed and get the engine back into shape and reinstalled ty all Glen
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